Clothing is meant to represent your lifestyle and your belonging to a specific group.

What we wear defines who we are.

Marina del Rey named after the eponymous district and harbour of Los Angeles has its origin in the western coast subcultures.

Surfer, beach boys and sunny California is the guiding thread by which every clothing piece is made from.

Marina del Rey radiates self-confidence with which one can handle every life situation in a chilled and calm way.

The founders changed as much as the brand developed.

During the day they wear relaxed cloths, boat shorts, T-Shirts and heavy sweats.

In the evening, day outfits get supplemented with chic pieces which also fit in perfectly with the Californian sense of life.

Marina del Rey Patch
Our originally patch adds an unique style.

Guiding thread
The red thread is our guiding thread which retrieves in many of our styles.

Integrated rivets strengthen the denim.

Through extreme stretch and flexibility the trousers fit super comfortable around the waste.